Do you have a car that was made before 1996? If that is the case your car is an OBD1 certified car. Here you will find the Best OBD1 scanner for your car needs!

Before we jump into the Best OBD1 scanner review, Its important to make clear that an OBD1 scanner frequently works for just one specific type of car. Unlike the OBD2 scanners, OBD1 scanners are not standardized throughout different manufacturers.

So if you have an OBD1 scanner that can diagnose a Ford will not work for a Toyota car.

Another difference between an OBD1 vs an OBD2 scanner is the type of response that you will receive from the diagnostic trouble code.

If a Toyota and a Ford have the exact same engine problems, the OBD1 scanner will give you a different diagnostic trouble code for each car.

In this Obd1 scanner review, we have included the Top 5 Best OBD1 diagnostic Scanners in 2019.

5 Best OBD1 Scanners Review in 2020

We have actually chosen these five OBD1 scanners following a rigorous testing procedure. A few of the elements that we have taken a look at include:

  • Features and performances
  • Compatibility
  • Strength and the disadvantages of the scanner
  • Who is it constructed for?

Below we give you our top 3 picks for the best OBD1 scanner to buy in 2020.

There is likewise a relative table that summarizes and compare all the 5 scanners.

1. Innova 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Scanner

This scanner has a digital screen designed to reveal numeric DTCS instead of flashes.

It is a huge alleviate as you will not have to count the flashes in order to determine a diagnostic trouble code.

All you require to do is connect the scanner to the onboard computer and directly check out the diagnostic problem code from the LCD screen.

When you have actually obtained a DTC, use the handbook to analyze it. If you find that the indicate a small problem, then you can repair it if you are a DIY.

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Nevertheless, if you are dealing with a sophisticated issue you can take your vehicle to a mechanic.

Getting to know the cause of a fault prior to taking your vehicle to a mechanic can assist you to estimate the expense of repair.

Innova 3145 will assist you to clear the check engine light once the fault has actually been repaired.

Besides, this code reader can help you to evaluate the Cylinder, KOER, KOEO, along with the perform relay tests.

The best part is that the handbook has clearly elaborated procedures on how to perform each of these tests.


Innova 3145 works on a lot of trucks and cars and trucks from GM produced from 1982 to 1995.

You will have the ability to diagnose automobiles such as Lincoln, Ford, and mercury all being domestic trucks and cars.

Besides, Innova 3145 is compatible with EEC-IV and MCU computer control onboard systems.

Pros and Cons of Innova 3145


  • It shows numerical trouble codes.
  • The code reader has an easy to view LCD screen.
  • It has a memory saving capability even when it is unplugged.
  • The code reader is easy to utilize.
  • It is economical.
  • The code reader comes with an intricate manual.
  • It has a DTC guide for ease of analysis.


  • You might discover that the cable is rather brief.
  • The plastic that has been utilized to make this scanner is not resilient.
  • The pins may flex or move back into the housing.

2. Innova 3123 GM OBD1 Scanner.

The scanner will properly access your car’s onboard computer system to retrieve diagnostic problem codes.

If the check engine light is on, then you can rely on this scanner to turn it off. You will find that this OBD1 scanner can read the engine (ECM).

If you discover that your vehicle is experiencing efficiency concerns such as a timing that is off or reduction in fuel efficiency, then Innova 3123 can assist you to diagnose your car.

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Even worse still, if your automobile stops working to start up, you can use this scanner to detect the engine.

Innova 3123 can also assist you to detect and fix problems surrounding the ABS system. You will have the ability to understand if the wheel sensing units are defective and need to be changed.

This will assist you to solve problems that might trigger the wheels to lock up when braking.

Better yet, Innova 3123 is delivered with a guidebook that has the meanings of all DTCs.

As soon as you have the analysis of the DTC you can proceed and fix your cars and truck if you are a DIY. You can also choose to take the automobile to a mechanic.

The good news is that you currently understand the underlying issue and therefore will not be overcharged by your mechanic.


Innova 3123 is compatible with the majority of the vehicles from GM. These lorries are produced from 1982 to 1995.

Innova 3123 is compatible with MCU computer control onboard systems.

Pros and Cons of Innova 3123


  • This scanner is multilingual.
  • It is simple and uncomplicated to use.
  • This scanner comes with code meaning guidebook.
  • The system is extremely cost effective.
  • It has a compact size for mobility and ease of storage.


  • This scanner is multilingual.
  • It is simple and straightforward to use.
  • This scanner features code meaning guidebook.
  • The system is extremely economical.
  • It has a compact size for mobility and ease of storage.

3. FOXWELL NT510 BMW OBD2 Scanner/ OBD1 Scanner.

If you own either an OBD1 or OBD 2 compliant BMW then have a look at FOXWELL NT510.

This scanner is a BMW-only diagnostic scanner. You will have the ability to read code from most BMW produced from 1987 to date.

FOXWELL NT510 has amazing diagnostic capabilities. To start with, it can read as well as clear DTCs from significant BMW systems.

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These systems include transmission, engine, airbag, ABS, DISA, and SAS.

These systems of this OBD1 scanner include transmission, engine, airbag, ABS, DISA, and SAS.

You will understand that the scanner will automatically identify your car and subsequently run tests on all modules looking for error codes.
FOXWELL NT510 is a BMW diagnostic scanner. Credit: FOXWELL NT510 is a BMW diagnostic scanner.

It also carries out resets functions on various displays along with setting off windows, lights and brake caliper test and opening.

This OBD2/ OBD1 scanner supports a variety of special functions.

The special functions consist of the activation of the ABS module, deactivation of the brakes, oil light lamp reset, battery registration, and change of the throttle body.

Other unique functions that you can perform with this scanner include CBS condition-based reset in addition to DPF regeneration.

You will likewise have the ability to carry out an active test utilizing this scanner.

Besides, it can momentarily start the car in addition to controlling all the system in your automobile for active testing.

As an outcome, you will end up with more accurate outcomes and ultimately draw better diagnostic conclusions.


FOXWELL NT510 is likewise an OBD1 and OBD 2 scanner. It deals with BMW designs made from 1987 to date.

Pros and Cons of FOXWELL NT510


  • It does not have a VIN lock enabling you to scan lots of cars
  • It is an OBD 1 along with OBD 2 diagnostic scanner
  • The scanner has a slot for TFT memory card enabling data backup
  • It features lifetime free upgrade software application
  • It is portable and has an ergonomic style
  • Supports live and freeze frame data
  • It has a multilingual menu
  • This gadget supports code meanings
  • It has a big color TFT screen


  • Only recognizes batteries that precisely looks like an initial battery
  • You will not be able to upgrade utilizing a Mac
  • This code reader is not capable of programs
  • It is comparatively pricey to other OBD1 scanners

Who is it for?

This is developed for expert tech and mechanics who are involved in a regular medical diagnosis of BMW vehicles.

4. Actron CP9690 Elite Pro Diagnostic OBD1 Scanner

Actron CP9690 diagnostic scanner features OBD1 in addition to OBD2 cables.

As a result, you will have the ability to carry out both fundamental and most of the advanced functions on both OBD1 and OBD2 cars.

You will have the ability to check out and clear the check engine light utilizing this diagnostic scanner.

The most outstanding unique functions that you can carry out utilizing this tool consist of engine, air bag, and ABS functions.

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The scanner allows you to detect and deal with most of the engine performance concerns.

Once the problems have been fixed you can utilize the scanner to clear the check engine light.

Similarly, this scanner will assist you to resolve underlying ABS concerns and remove the opportunity of the wheels locking while braking.

And when you observe that the air bag light is on you can utilize this scanner to recover SRS trouble codes.

This will get rid of any chance of the airbag deploying without being set off by a crash.

Actron CP9690 diagnostic scanner comes with OBD1 as well as OBD2 cables.

CodeConnect is another noteworthy feature envisaged in Actron CP9690 scanner.

The function connects you to over 26 million repair work procedures, for that reason, making it possible for you to resolve even the seemingly intricate repair work problems.


Actron CP9690 is compatible with OBD1 compliant GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota lorries made from 1984 to 1995.

It is likewise compatible with OBD2 Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Chrysler, Hyundai, and Ford lorries made from 1996 to 2013.

Actron CP9690 is also suitable with windows software.

Pros and Cons of Actron CP9690.


  • Has large car protection.
  • It has an effective built-in DTC lookup library.
  • This gadget owns a big screen that permits simple navigation.
  • The scanner has a trilingual menu.
  • It’s compact and portable


  • The code connects just have English data.
  • You need to buy an adapter independently.
  • The online instructions are not exhaustive.

Who is it for?
This diagnostic scan tool can efficiently serve both expert tech in addition to common car owners.

5. INNOVA 3120 OBD1/2 Scanner.

INNOVA diagnostic scan tools are designed with high quality and INNOVA 3120 is not an exception.

You will be able to scan most OBD 2 compliant vehicles that are made in the USA from 1996. These OBD2 certified designs consist of light-duty trucks, SUVs, in addition to automobiles.

At the same time, this scanner works on the majority of OBD1 automobiles made from 1983 to 1995.

Nevertheless, these cars must have an EEC-IV system that consists of the KOER and KOEO system.

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INNOVA 3120 can read and eliminate transmission, engine, and ABS codes.

You will be able to erase the check engine light using the scanner after solving the underlying engine concerns.

You will likewise observe that the scanner keep refreshing after 30 seconds.

This makes it ideal for continuous repairs in addition to clearing ABS, MIL, and transmission light in real time.

Besides, the device likewise permits you to retrieve data even when you have actually turned off your lorry.

This is since it has a battery that helps it to sustain backup data.


INNOVA 3120 deal with OBD1 vehicles that are made from 1982 to 1995.

It also works on most of the OBD2 compliant designs produced from 1982 to 1995.

Pros and Cons of INNOVA 3120.


  • The scanner has actually a big colored screen.
  • It is multilingual.
  • The scanner supports DTC meanings.
  • You can check out and erase DTC utilizing a one-click button.
  • Can scan a car when the engine is switched off.
  • It is simple to utilize.
  • This scanner has an ergonomic design.


  • It does not support most of the innovative functions such as the airbag.
  • It has a minimal protection.
  • The manual is not extensive.

Who is it for?

INNOVA 3120 is ideal for DIY. It can likewise be utilized conveniently by typical vehicle owners along with mechanics.

Final Suggestions – Top 3 Best OBD1 Scanners

You will discover that these OBD1 scanners have strength in addition to the drawbacks. However, there are some scanners that have more strength than others.

As a result, I am advising the 3 best scanners:

1. Innova 3123 GM Diagnose ABS System OBD1 Code Reader.

This scanner is ideal for all the individuals who are on a spending plan. It will cost you less than $20 to get one. Your lorry needs to be GM.

2. Foxwell NT510 ABS SRS EPB Transmission Oil Reset BMW OBD2/ OBD1 Scanner.

This is yet another fantastic scanner because it has extensive functionality. The scanner can perform most of the diagnostic functions on BMW.

You will be able to carry out functions such as transmission, engine, airbag, ABS, DISA, and SAS.

3. Actron CP9690 Elite Pro Trilingual OBD2/ OBD1 Scanner with Color Screen.

The scanner covers both OBD1/OBD2 automobiles yet is competitively priced. It likewise supports advanced functions such as airbag and ABS.

Best OBD1 Scanners Buying Guide


The first factor to think about when buying an OBD1 scanner is compatibility. You need to be careful when selecting an OBD1 scanner as they are specifically designed for specific makes

Functions and Performance

Before purchasing an OBD1 diagnostic scanner you must ask yourself which diagnostic functions you want to perform. If you are an expert tech or a mechanic then you must select an OBD1 scanner that can carry out lots of diagnostic functions.

Nevertheless, if you are an ordinary vehicle owner then you can select a scanner that covers standard diagnostic functions.

Ease of Use

Purchasing a diagnostic scanner that can is hard to use or have complex and innovative functions at times may not of any advantage. Constantly select a scanner that enables you to browse from one function to the next with a great deal of ease. Also, the scanner ought to permit you to easily read and remove diagnostic codes.


OBD1 diagnostic scanners are in a different way priced. A common rule is to select a scanner that is economical yet carry out the majority of the diagnostic functions.


Detecting a lorry that was made between 1982 to 1995 requires you to use an OBD1 scanner.

Fortunately, you will have the ability to discover an OBD1 scanner that is designed to detect particular brands of lorries.

The best part is the OBD1 scanners are budget-friendly.