Finding the Best OBD2 Bluetooth Scanners in 2020 is not easy. Todays marlet for OBD2 Scanners is gettin wider than ever.

So with so many Adapters around its easy to get yuor self lost. But is better to find the right one for your car instead of paying another $100 bucks just to cehck whats going on with your car.

ONce you have a OBD2 Bluetooth scanner you can diagnose your car by your self and if you know how to fix it you are good to o, ot if not you can go to the mechanic knowing exaclty wats going o and how much you want to pay for that job.

This scanner are really efficient and in a few minutes are going to give youa full diagnosis and troubleshooting solution. And the layout is really ease to use and understand so ou wont feel lost after the disgnosis even if you are a first time car owner!

On ther Review below you will find the best chocices for your car and your needs.

Best OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone iOS & Android

1- BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII

This ODB2 Bluetooth scanner is a solid purchase for those using the Android and Windows platforms.

This scanner warranties compatibility with all U.S.A. consumer automobiles that were produced in 1996 and beyond.

In-depth diagnostics can be accomplished as real-time information is provided. This can help you get to the root of an issue quicker.

Furthermore, graphical information logging can be organized so that you can much better comprehend the details that are being recorded.

A downside of this product is that it can not check out ABS, SRS and TPMS codes. You’ll need customized tools to get access to this information. It’s advised that the Torque Pro app is used in combination with this OBD2 Bluetooth scanner for optimal use.

Overall, this scanning tool allows you to find issues before they end up being major and trigger you more damage

Key Features:

  • Suitable with Windows and Android platforms
  • Functions with all U.S.A. lorries manufactured in 1996 and beyond
  • 2-year service warranty

2- BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII ScanTool for iPhone & Android

If you are looking for a Bluetooth code reader that has a professional touch to it. Bluedriver Bluetooth Professional won’t disappoint you.

Features and Functions

-Live Data:
Bluedriver scanner uses excellent customization alternatives.

You can view data in the form of graphs, digital display screen, and gauge. You can also personalize chart colors for better understanding.

It enables you to pick information sources to show on the dashboard including RPMs, speed, fuel pressure, etc

-Displays Total And Precise Vehicle Info:
Bluedriver scanner displays complete information of your vehicle including automobile specs, upkeep schedules, TSBs (technical service bulletins) and recalls.

-Smog Inspect:
The scanner can let you understand if your automobile is prepared for a regional smog test or not. This is very essential given that stopping working a Regional Smog Examine Program can get you in real difficulty.

-Advanced Tests:
It can perform a range of innovative tests such as fuel system test, extensive components test, airbag, ABS, misfire counts, etc

-Export Data:
The wireless android/iPhone scanner can develop a log file and export it to a computer system.

-Total Repair Work Option:
Bluedriver scanner provides the exact same diagnostics that you discover in specialists scanning tools.

It has around 30 million fixes in the database. The system is wise and supplies you with the best solution.

While it is an excellent pick, there sadly are a couple of drawbacks. It doesn’t support camshaft timing and gives no information on transmission temperature level.

Bluedriver deals with all BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Chrysler, GM, Ford, and Nissan designs offered in The United States and Canada.

The software works with both iOS and Android devices and is complimentary to download.

Works on significant OBDII protocols.

Pros and Cons of BlueDriver Bluetooth


  • Real-time logging functions (engine oil temp, pressure, fuel usage, etc.).
  • Reads CEL codes.
  • Display screens causes and fixes for faults thanks to a collection of 6.6 million verified repairs.
  • Takes vehicle snapshot when a code is saved (freeze frame).
  • Deals fundamental and innovative diagnostic functions.


  • It can not trigger relays and switches.
  • The app does not work well with laptop computers (it is indicated for phones).
  • It does not reveal cam and crank sensor details.

Who Is It Built For?
This Bluedriver obd2 adapter seems best for cars and truck owners and Do It Yourself enthusiasts.

It uses well-detailed diagnostics and is easy to utilize.

The device is also smartphone operable and is ideal for people who desire a Bluetooth scanner with advanced features.

3-ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal.

This ANCEL OBD2 Bluetooth scanner has a reasonably big LCD display (128 x 64 pixels) that comes with contrast change and white backlight.

The screen reveals the code and its significance, which is helpful due to the fact that you will not require to browse online for the meaning of the mistaken code. The meaning of the code is displayed when you click on the mistaken code itself.

For this Bluetooth OBD2 scanner to function the 16 Pin OBD2 protocol need to be utilized and a 12V lorry battery utilized. Freeze frame and live feed information can be viewed so that comprehensive information can be collected. It indicates you can get to the root of an issue in the minimum amount of time.

Key Features:

  • Supports CAN, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, KWP2000 and ISO9141
  • 16 Pin OBD2 protocol
  • Large LCD display (128 x 64 pixels)
  • 12V vehicle battery

4- Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Wireless Scanner for iPhone iOS & Android.

It is a Bluetooth code reader that can keep track of both fundamental and advanced functions with the assistance of a third party app.

Features and Functions:
This OBD2 Bluetooth scanner can carry out lots of basic functions including reset and clear, check engine light problem codes, etc

It likewise displays live sensing unit readings and shows live information in the kind of graphs to help discover fast results.

Aside from this, it likewise produces freeze frame data, personalizes dashboard with data, keeps track of fuel use, and reveals path. Additionally, it can also carry out smog checks.

Low Power Use:
Veepeak Bluetooth scanner works on Bluetooth 4.0 which is understood for consuming very less power.

Advanced Characteristic But With The Right App:
Various apps bring about different features in this OBD2 Bluetooth scanner.

  • The app OBD Vehicle Medical professional lets you inspect engine lights.
  • Car Scanner ELM OBD2 permits you to monitor what your automobile is doing in real-time. Furthermore, it also lets you check out OBD fault codes.
  • DashCommand lets you check out readings, check engine light diagnostics and PIDs for a few producers.
  • Dash permits drivers a much better experience by using engine light diagnostics.
  • BimmerCode lets you do coding for BMWs.
  • TripLog makes it easy to track your lorry mileage.
  • Carista OBD2 provides good modification choices.
  • OBD Car Physician provides CEL diagnostics.
  • LeafSpy lets Nissan Leaf owners keep an eye on the battery and other lorry info.
  • Torque Pro (Android) lets one monitor faults, personalize information and carry out diagnostics and sensing unit readings.

On the drawback, Veepeak Bluetooth scanner has no universal app. You should utilize various apps for different functions.

Advanced functions can likewise be difficult to make it possible for due to this.

Plus, it can also add to the expenditure due to some apps not being available for free.

Functions only on iOS and Android platforms (Bluetooth 4.0), supports practically all United States cars and trucks (1996 and beyond designs).

Some international regions/cars it supports include:.

European Union– 2001 and beyond (gas), 2004 and beyond (diesel),.
India– 2010 and beyond.
Brazil– 2007 and beyond (gas),.
Canada– 1998 and beyond.
China– 2009 and beyond.
Australia– 2006 and beyond (gas), 2007 and beyond (diesel),.
Mexico– 2006 and beyond.
It supports five major OBDII protocols.

Pros and Cons of Veepeak OBDCheck BLE.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Covers a vast array of automobiles.
  • Advanced features due to the big variety of suitable apps.
  • Saves power.


  • Compatibility concerns dealing with innovative functions.
  • Slow when carrying out innovative features.
  • Apps can contribute to the cost.

Who Is It Developed For?
Veepeak Bluetooth scanner can be an excellent choice if you desire an adapter that provides both basic and sophisticated features.

It is a bit challenging to run however covers lots of functions. This is among the very best Bluetooth obd2 adapters in the market.

Veepeak Bluetooth scanner is not suitable for specialists however, DIYers appear to enjoy it.

Buying guide for the Best OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

While we created a list of the finest options for you, it is still important that you understand what makes a scanner the best ODB2 Bluetooth scanner.

To assist you in this regard, we have actually pointed out a few of the functions to try to find when purchasing an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner:

Compatibility: iOS, Android or Windows?

Pick a scanner that supports your lorry and your gadget (Apple, Android, and Windows). This is necessary due to the fact that a lot of scanners do not support very old automobiles.

Standard And Advanced Characteristics:

If you understand mechanics then choose a scanner that can do far more than just show basic features.

Look for one that provides innovative features such as air bag concerns, engine oil information, battery initializing ability, etc

Plus, the fixes recommended ought to be dependable and comprehensive.

Takes In Less Power:

Look for products that take in less power and even much better if they can enter sleep mode when not in usage.

Free Updates:

New issues occur with new car models. This is why you need an adapter that can be easily upgraded.

Live Data:

The gadget should reveal immediate results so that the problem can be fixed rapidly.

Why should buy an OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner?

Prior to continuing, let’s understand what OBD2 adapters really are. OBD means onboard diagnostics. The term describes a car’s ability to self-diagnose and report.

An OBD system gives repair technicians and/or lorry owners access to the vehicle’s subsystems and assists resolve issues. They are quite effective and for this reason are being used everywhere.

If we compare standard scanners with ODB2 Bluetooth adapters, there’s a vast difference.

Bluetooth scanners provide you with live information and the transmission is much faster.

They can check out a number of countless codes and provide tips on how to solve problems. They can also be upgraded with new firmware, which allows them to manage even more issues.

They are portable and do not inhabit much space in your car.

You can fit them inside the glovebox and they’ll continue to provide you with vehicle diagnostics and assist in keeping it in great shape.

While the advantages of OBD2 Bluetooth scanners are clear, getting one can be a bit tough primarily due to many choices. Not all adapters are created equivalent, which is why you need to be cautious when picking one.

To help you in this regard, we did a test drive and attempted a variety of OBD2 Bluetooth scanners. We likewise compared their features, resilience, compatibility, and use to make a list of some of the very best OBD2 Bluetooth adapters on the market.

We zeroed in on 7 adapters that really load a punch.

Frequently Asked Questions for OBD2 Bluetooth iPhone Scanners

Do the totally free iPhone apps offer numerous functionalities?

Yes, they do.

Which variations of iPhone support OBD2 scanners?

All of them. While iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 assistance many OBD2 apps, more recent designs need up-to-date apps.

How do you connect your iPhone to the dongle?

By allowing Bluetooth.

Do I need to turn on the web to utilize the scanner on an iPhone?

No. You will just need to access the web when downloading updates or browsing codes.

Which is the very best iPhone app for an OBD2 scanner?

OBD Fusion is quite fantastic and works well on nearly all iPhones. Nevertheless, this likewise depends upon what functions you require and what app your scanner supports.