For most people, their vehicle is more than just a way to move around, is a partner that will make your trips secure and reliable. For some others ( like me) Its even a source of pride for owning a cool machine that even feels like a part of the family.

By having an OBD 2 Scanner you can get a feel of how your car is in terms of the engine. You don’t need to be a mechanic to know what is going on with your car.

That’s what is so cool about these scanners they will give you a full read about what is going on, so in case its something easy, you can take care of it, and if is something more complex you can take it to the mechanic but knowing exactly what is going on, and get a fair deal, instead of the wonder if they are ripping you off

What is an OBD Scanner?

Since 1988, the innovation beyond the dashboard has been set to preserve the most essential vehicle systems with the intro of On-Board Diagnostics, otherwise called OBD2.

Now, this is a standardized system on all cars and trucks and trucks.

The style of the OBD2 system helps your vehicle by performing regular tests of crucial car components and emission tracking.

Essentially, it’s a vehicles’ self-diagnosing tool that regulates and keeps an eye on the health of your automobile.
Thats How a Regular Scanner works, you connected with your car, and it will analyze it giving you a diagnostic.

In order to get behind the brain of the computer on wheels, technicians use an OBD2 vehicle scan tool to check out and analyze the data that your automobile gathers every day.

What Is OBD, OBD1, OBD2?

Firstly, how to tell OBD vs OBD1 and OBD2? The best summary can be described as followed:

OBD, shortened for onboard diagnostics, is a diagnostic system designed particularly for automobiles. It monitors your vehicle’s engine with the aid of sensors.

These sensors can detect problems consisting of issues with trigger plugs, catalytic converter, and so on

An OBD system can also communicate with you to update you on your vehicle’s condition.

While the very first OBD system has been a massive success, there is now a much better variation in the kind of OBD1, which was introduced in 1991.

Introduced first by California to suppress lorry emission, this system can report codes and likewise find issues with the engine.
Difference between OBD 2 Adapter and OBD 1

Regardless of OBD1 being dependable, it did have some problems mainly due to a lack of standardization throughout manufacturers. This is why OBD2 was introduced in 1996.

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Therefore, OBD2 scanners standardized the system and can be utilized with a variety of cars with no concerns. Nevertheless, they are both in usage today.

OBD2 scanners do not only provide more reliable codes and fixes however can also cover more issues too. Plus, they can provide a real-time medical diagnosis for quick fixes.

This is why they are so greatly in need. This OBD scanner buying guide will primarily cover OBD2 scanners since they are the most in need these days.

OBD scanner Operation: How does it work?

In a nutshell, an OBD Scan Tool can link to the computer system database inside your car to diagnosis all systems.

With an effective scan tool, you will have access to Reading and Removing Engine Codes, Checking I/M Readiness, that includes emissions.

You likewise will have access to more advanced functions such as online shows, key coding and other useful functions with an innovative automobile scan tool.

I would suggest researching what scan tool is best for you and your automobile.

First, have a look at how to correctly use an OBD2 scan tool.

Each vehicle scan tool is unique, nevertheless, the important things that remain consistent in all of them are the ability to assist the user to detect the diagnostic trouble codes saved within the vehicles On-Board Diagnostic system.

These codes, better referred to as DTCs– Diagnostic Difficulty Codes, determine the problem area and offer an inside look at where the problem might be occurring.

Today, our lorries are smarter and more advanced and often can self-correct a concern, however, some problems require additional assistance.

If the check engine light or Breakdown sign light turns on, that indicates the Power Control Module (PCM) can not decode the mistake.

Within your automobile, a series of codes create a language to inform you what is happening beyond the dashboard.

This is when an automobile scan tool comes in convenient.

Using an automobile diagnostic tool, you can decode and find the source of the issue.

What can an OBD 2 Scanner do for your Car – Functionality

If your check engine light has begun, there are various reasons that might be triggering it, with a multi-functional scan tool you can get to a series of functions to help make the diagnosis simple.

A typical code reader can just assist read and clear codes.

But, a car scan tool grants access to live and saved information along with enabling the user to carry out lots of other functions.

Transmission Diagnostics:

Some of the most common error codes originated from the transmission. Whether that might be a getting too hot issue, transmission control malfunction or low transmission fluid, with a car scanner that gives direct access to transmission codes, the medical diagnosis will be a piece of cake.

ABS/SRS/Airbag Monitoring:

The ABS system stores information about wheel speed, brake fluid, and antilock detection, which manages the most crucial thing about your car: how to stop. The SRS system, or air bags, monitors wheel speed, brake pressure, and seat occupancy to ensure all guests are protected in case of an accident. These systems are essential parts that an OBD2 scanner can discover are running efficiently.

Tire Pressure Tracking System:

Or TPMS is a system that’s the main task is to notify the chauffeur about the state of the tire pressure within the wheels. With typical conditions, the OBD system will notify the motorist when the PSI of a tire falls below 25%. Before changing the tires on an automobile, its constantly advised inspecting the TPMS with a scan tool.

Oil Reset:

After you have inspected the oil levels on your lorry and ended up the proper upkeep, whether that be replacing the pump or sensor, often the pesky oil light stays on. In this case, an OBD2 scanner is the very best tool to reset the light and inform the OBD system that everything is working appropriately.

Battery Screening:

Checking the battery is a vital part of car upkeep, in order to check battery health and to prevent the problem of the automobile not beginning. Utilizing an OBD2 vehicle scanner or battery tester, you will have a clear reading of when or if it is time to change the battery.

Other Advanced functions:

Not all scan tools are built the very same, if you acquire an advanced scanner or a bi-directional scan tool, you may have additional features that are not typical in ALL items.

With a more innovative scan tool, you might have access to:

Online Programming– If this is the case, you may be able to program and update your gadget through wireless or web connection. This will keep your gadget updated and give more accurate vehicle readings.

ABS, Misfires, Battery Details– You can ensure your vehicle remains in health with a clear reading about the diagnostics of your lorries ABS system, battery system and all engine misfires happening with live data streaming.

Anti-Lock Brake System and Key-Coding– The most essential systems on your lorry can identify how quick your cars and truck is moving and how much pressure to provide to your brakes in order to stop your lorry from propelling forward. You can receive real-time precise data about your automobiles brake speed with advanced functions from a scan tool. If you get truly advanced, some newer scan tools permit you to program new keys for your automobile, which will help you avoid high costs form mechanics.

Extra Scan Functions:

  • CEL, RPM, Fuel, Speed, Pressure, Coolant Temp, Live Map: Many different criteria are measured when there is a misfire in the engine of an automobile. With Freeze Frame innovation, a scan tool has the ability to take a picture of crucial info such as RPM, Fuel, Speed, Coolant Temperatures and Live Map of the precise area a problem may be occurring.
  • Air fuel ratio and O2 sensors – identifying the condition of the oxygen sensor in your lorry is important to make sure whatever is running smoothly. A scan-tool can check out emissions of your automobile and understand if all ratios are proper.
  • Battery Performance, Engine Efficiency, Oil Temp: A lot of reliable scan tools permit you to evaluate the voltage, existing, and continuity of the battery life on your vehicle. This will ensure your lorry is running appropriately and you will make sure high engine efficiency. You might not be able to read the oil temperature level with all scan tools, however, if the error code shows up, you can quickly read the definition of oil temperature.

Why Get An OBD2 Scanner?

An OBD2 scanner will let you read check engine light codes and even supply a fix. That’s not all, they will also perform sophisticated functionalities like check battery performance, do smog tests, EPB, key coding etc

Thus, you ‘d be conserving a great deal of cash by repairing little problems yourself and saving a journey to the garage.

We prepared this review after testing several OBD2 scanners to find the best OBD2 scanner.

Some were exceptionally excellent, some were incredibly bad. We ensured to just consist of the very best OBD2 scanners after comparing them on functions, costs and other such factors.

OBD scanners can assist you to save loan, but you must select one thoroughly.

This OBD scanner buying guide is designed to help you in this regard.

Buying Guide for the best OBD Scanner

Why Do I need An OBD Scanner?

There are many advantages of getting an OBD scanner for your cars and truck, such as:

Do It Yourself: OBD scanners resemble your personal automated diagnostic assistants. When connected, they diagnose your car for issues and inform you where and what the issue is.

These mainly have committed apps and are worked on smartphones thanks to Bluetooth connection. You might get some corded alternatives, too.

By doing this, you get to find out more about your car and fix cars and truck problems yourself.

Save Money: An OBD scanner is very simple to use and with it, you can discover what is wrong with your vehicle.

Even if you’re not an expert at using OBD scanners and have little info about how a cars and truck works, you can still benefit from it.

They display CEL lights along with a code. Do It Yourself and advanced scanners will supply an explanation in addition to the code too to let you understand the precise issue.

By doing this, you can rear codes, view fundamental PIDs yourself and conserve loan.

What If I’m A Mechanic?

As discussed earlier, OBD scanners are ideal for specialists. If you’re a mechanic then advanced OBD scanners are best for you. They assist you to diagnose intricate car issues such as EPB, DPF, crucial programming and so on

They’ll assist you save time and serve more customers.

Should I take an OBD1 or OBD2 Scanner?.

You generally have 2 options to pick from OBD1 scanners and OBD2 scanners.

  • OBD1 scanners: are for older vehicles (1991-1995 models).
  • OBD2 scanners: must be your first priority as they have much better performance as they support modern cars and trucks, released in and after 1996.

Keep in mind: Pick the kind of scanner that is certified with your cars and truck.

What are the Types of OBD2 Scanners? What can they do?

It depends on your requirements. Here’s a rundown of some scanners with standard, DIY and advanced functions and what they do.

Standard Code Readers.

Basic code readers are economical and they let you carry out fundamental features such as reading and clearing CEL, carrying out smog test etc. There are some basic code readers that offer Bluetooth connectivity too, so that’s a plus.

Fundamental Code readers use Standard Functions such as:.

  • DTC: Shows generic or specific maker codes. The concern in a lorry is discussed in this code.
  • MIL: Reveals code for the blinking dash light.
  • Smog: Inspects vehicle’s exhaust system.
  • Freeze Frame: Stores data connected to faults in the emission system.

Best Car Code Reader ANCEL AD410 Improved OBD II Automobile Code Reader.

Also Great Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner.

DIY OBD2 Scanners.

Bluedriver is amongst the best Do It Yourself Scanners.
Bluedriver provides fundamental functions and a couple of innovative ones too.
DIY scanners come somewhere in between basic code readers and professional scanners. They offer standard features and a few advanced ones too such as check and clear ABS, SRS, oil service light reset, and so on

DIY Scanners use many diagnostic functions:
BlueDriver OBD2 Scanner Review (2019 version) 

  • Speed: They are much faster than basic OBD2 readers and uses Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Fuel: DIY scanners let you perform fuel tests.
  • Pressure: Some DIYers let you check the pressure levels in the engine.
  • Charts: These scanners offer a visual presentation of information.
  • Digital Display: Most of the DIY scanners show outcomes on the digital screen.
  • Dashboard personalization: Some Do It Yourself scanners let you personalize the functions on the scanner and put the most utilized features on the control panel to save time.
  • Data export: Some Do It Yourself scanners can be connected to a computer with a cable television to export information while some permit to send it straight from WiFi.
  • Advanced Features: Not all however some DIY scanners let you read and clear ABS (anti-lock braking system) and SRS (lets you understand if the airbag system is working or not).

Best DIY Scanner BlueDriver Bluetooth Expert OBDII Scan Tool.

Great Autel AL619 Autolink Engine, ABS, SRS Auto OBD2 Scanner.

Expert Automotive Diagnostic Tools.

This kind of scanner will let you carry out innovative functionalities such as EPB, DPF, TPMS, key programs, SAS and so on. These can be a bit costly however they deserve it if you wish to examine and resolve intricate problems yourself. Many mechanics also use expert diagnostic tools.

Professional Diagnostic Tools support Advanced Functions like:

  • EPB: Reads, clears and provides electronic park braking on flat roads.
  • DPF: programs errors in the DPF system (gets rid of soot from exhaust system).
  • Oil Reset: Advises you to alter the oil when needed.
  • BMS: Reveals all the information related to the battery management system.
  • ABS: Reads and clears anti-lock braking system problems.
  • Secret Programming: Utilized for enhancing automobile security by functioning as a code that begins the engine.
  • TPMS: screens atmospheric pressure in the tires.
  • ECU Coding/Programming: Assists control engine and transmission by storing a ROM file in the engine’s management ECU.

Best Professional Diagnostic ToolAutel Maxisys Pro MS908P Automotive Diagnostic Scanner.

Great Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool.

Do I Actually Need An OBD2 Scanner With Advanced Functions?

If you do not have an in-depth understanding of how a cars and truck works and how to solve intricate problems then an automotive diagnostic tool with innovative features isn’t essential.

The majority of the codes mentioned will be out of your grasp and ultimately, you’ll need a mechanic’s assistance.

If you are a professional or a mechanic, take one.

Should I Take Corded Or Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner?

Corded scanners are quick and more trustworthy due to the fact that they do not need any phone connection. In reality, they have their own interface which is rather simple to use.

Corded scanners are frequently disliked by users due to the fact that the cable is frustrating and tough to manage. If you select a corded one then go for a choice that has a long cord so you can keep it in your lap.

On the other hand, Bluetooth scanners are much more practical as they run wirelessly, from a phone.

Ensure to choose a Bluetooth scanner that supports the platform (Android, Windows or iOS) that your phone usages.

It’s usually a personal choice. There isn’t much difference in price and efficiency.

Which one is better?

It relies on the scanner’s ability to remain linked for longer and does not lose connection.

You can likewise opt for a Bluetooth scanner that supports all the mobile platforms consisting of Android, Windows, and iPhone.